~ 4. Abraham in the Fire ~

There is a living fire that gives life, and a death-dealing fire that brings fear. All believers should burn with the living fire as Abraham did, the son of Azar.
Azar was a maker of idols, but Abraham smashed the idols of the temple with an ax. Abraham spared only the largest idol, putting the ax in the idol's hands.
"Who smashed the idols?" shouted the people.
"Just ask the idol with the ax in its hands!" Abraham replied.
Enraged, King Nimrod threw Abraham into the fire, but with God's help, Abraham did not die in the fire: Abraham lived.

Inspired byUnder the Sufi's Cloak: Stories of Abu Said and His Mystical Teaching by Mohammad Ali Jamnia and Mojdeh Bayat
Notes: This story is on p. 28 of the book. You can read more about Nimrod and Ibrahim (Abraham) at Wikipedia.

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