~ 198. Nasruddin in the Cemetery ~

Taking a shortcut through the cemetery one night, Nasruddin fell into an open grave. He waited to see if angels would come greet him.
Then a loud noise frightened him, so he jumped out of the grave and ran.
The noise was a camel caravan, and Nasruddin's unexpected presence startled the camels. They bolted, spilling their cargo.
The camel-drivers, furious, beat Nasruddin badly.
"What happened to you?" asked Nasruddin's wife when he staggered home.
"I died and journeyed to the afterlife."
"Was it so bad there?"
"I think it would have been alright if I had not upset the camels."

Inspired byThe Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca by Kemal Yorenc
Notes: This story is on p. 14 of the book. This version of the story has mules, but I changed it to camels, which I've seen in other versions.

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