~ 199. Nasruddin on his Deathbed ~

Nasruddin's wife sat beside him on his deathbed, weeping uncontrollably.
"Don't cry, my dear," Nasruddin told her in a tremulous voice. "In fact, I want to see you wearing your best clothes and finest jewelry. And put on some makeup. It's very important that you look absolutely gorgeous."
"Oh, my dearest husband, I don't think I can do that," she replied sadly. "My grief is too great."
"Please, wife, just do what I say," Nasruddin insisted. "Then, when the Angel of Death arrives and sees you, he might change his mind and take you away with him instead of me!"

Inspired by: Tales of the Hodja by Charles Downing.
Notes:  In some versions, Nasruddin dies after making this final joke.

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