Kubera's Feast

Kubera invited Shiva to a feast. "The best feast ever!" he boasted.
To teach Kubera a lesson, Shiva sent Ganesha in his place.
Ganesha ate all the food, and then asked, "Can't you offer me more?"
Kubera brought food from the kitchen.
Not enough.
From the pantry.
Not enough.
"Can't you offer me more?"
Finally, Kubera went to Shiva and begged for help.
"Food served with love is truly filling," said Shiva.
So Kubera brought Ganesha a handful of rice. "I offer you this food with my whole heart," said Kubera.
Ganesha took the rice. "I am satisfied," he said.

Inspired byStories of Lord Ganesha
Notes: Kubera is the god of wealth; you can read more about him at Wikipedia.

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