62. The Wild Geese

Some wild geese lived in a tree.
The oldest goose noticed a vine growing up the tree. "We must tear down that vine before a human climbs it!" she said, but the young geese mocked her.
A hunter later climbed the tree and placed a snare there which trapped all the geese.
"Play dead!" said the old goose.
This time, the other geese did as she said.
The hunter found the birds all dead - or so he thought - and tossed them to the ground.
Then, as he was climbing down the tree, they all flew away to safety!

Inspired byThe Panchatantra, translated by Arthur Ryder. It is in Book 1, Story 22.
Notes: Compare the Jataka story about the quail who escaped the hunter: Fat Quail and Thin.

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