The Jackal and the Peahen

A jackal and a peahen were friends. One day the peahen had plums to eat, and the jackal had a lamb. The peahen then planted the plum-stones, so the jackal planted the lamb bones.
The plum trees sprouted, but not the bones. The jackal pretended this was normal, but as the tree seedlings grew taller and taller, the peahen mocked the jackal. "Your crop is a failure," she said, laughing.
Then one day the jackal had not caught anything to eat. "If I can't eat plums, I can eat the plum-eater." So he ate the peahen for supper.

Inspired by: Tales of the Punjab by Flora Annie Steel
Notes: The term peahen refers to a female peafowl, and the peacock is a male. You can learn more at Wikipedia.

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