The Chicken in the Curry Sauce

A woman stole her neighbor's chicken and made it into a curry.
When her husband learned the chicken was stolen, he refused to eat the curry. "What you did is wrong," he said.
"At least take some of the curry sauce," she said.
Reluctantly, the husband agreed to eat some curry sauce. The wife then ladled some onto her husband's plate, and a piece of chicken fell onto his plate with the sauce.
"Take that piece of chicken away!" he shouted.
"If the bird insists on flying to your plate, what can I do?" she said.

Inspired by: Heeramma and Venkataswami, or Folktales From India by M. N. Venkataswami.
Notes: There is a similar story about Nasruddin trying to be a vegetarian, but the meat keeps jumping onto his bowl: Straining the Fish Stew.

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