Microfiction Anthologies: Fall and Spring

Tiny Tales of Fall 2020 and Tiny Tales of Spring 2021 are collections of microfiction composed by students in the Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics classes at the University of Oklahoma. The Fall anthology features 120 stories from 50 authors, and the Spring anthology features 175 stories from 48 authors. See links below for FREE ebook files. :-)


Files for the FALL 2020 book:
PDF - EPUB - MOBI - HTML - WEB - DOC - Kindle - Print

Files for the SPRING 2021 book:
PDF - EPUB - MOBI - HTML - WEB - DOC - Kindle - Print

Here are some notes about the different formats:

EPUB. You can use this EPUB file for ebook readers like iBooks, Nook, etc. There are also many different epub apps you can get for your phone (I use ReadEra) and for your browser (I use EpubReader).

MOBI. You can download this MOBI file to load onto your Kindle, and this Kindle MOBI file is free! Here's how to add a free MOBI file to your Kindle.

HTML. This is a plain HTML presentation for viewing in a browser.

WEB. This is the Pressbooks presentation, and you can find out more about self-publishing with Pressbooks at their website: Pressbooks.com.

DOC. This is a Google Document presentation which is convenient for searching and linking to specific stories; the story titles in the table of contents will take you directly to the story. You can also use Control-F for searching in this document.

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Creative Commons
. These books are released with a Creative Commons license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. That means you can remix and reuse individual stories or the contents of the whole book with attribution for non-commercial purposes, provided that you release your work with the same license. Find out more.
Attribution: Tiny Tales of Fall 2020, edited by Laura Gibbs
Attribution: Tiny Tales of Spring 2021, edited by Laura Gibbs

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