Seha and his Father-in-Law

When Seha was prime minister, jealous courtiers repeated rumors that he was plotting against the king, and they said the same about Seha's father-in-law.
When the king heard these rumors, he was furious and sentenced them both to death, but Seha's wife begged for mercy. "Spare them, O King!" she pleaded.
"I will spare one," said the king. "Tell me who shall it be: your husband, or your father?"
Seha's wife did not hesitate. "Spare my father," she declared. "I can get another husband, but not another father."
Impressed by her devotion, the king spared both Seha and his father-in-law.

Inspired by: "Love and Compassion" in Jewish Folktales from Morocco: Tales of Seha the Sage and Seha the Clown by Marc Eliany, published in 2021. 
Notes: The book is not available online.

Juive de Tanger by Delacroix

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