The Proud Woman and her Suitors

A proud, beautiful woman refused all suitors,
Then a handsome stranger came; she chose him. Her father sent servants with chickens, sheep, and cows to accompany the couple to the husband's village.
But..... the husband was a snake! He devoured the animals one by one, the attendants, even the bride. Then he plunged into a pool.
Parrot watched and flew back to the bride's village. "Bring gourds," he said, "and follow me." They used the gourds to drain the pool, catching the snake and cutting him open. Parrot revived the people with medicine.
In gratitude, they painted Parrot's tail red.

Inspired by: "Chosen Suitor: Serpent Husband" in Tales in Pidgin English from Ashanti (in Journal of American Folklore) by Melville and Jean Herskovits, 1937.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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