The Monkey, the Cat, the Dog, and the Hyena

Monkey chased Cat.
Dog chased Monkey.
Hyena chased Dog.
They were all running in a circle, faster and faster.
Jackal came out of the bush and said, "What's going on?"
"Monkey's chasing me!" meowed Cat.
"Dog's chasing me!" howled Monkey.
"Hyena's chasing me!" barked Dog.
"I'll be the judge of all that!" said Jackal. "Stand still and close your eyes."
They obeyed.
"Cat, scram!" said Jackal. Cat ran. 
"Get out of here, Monkey!" Monkey ran. 
"Dog, be gone!" Dog ran. 
Jackal then went back into the bush.
When Hyena opened her eyes, there was nobody left; Hyena was all alone.

Inspired by: "The Jackal and The Dog, the Monkey, the Hyena and the Cat" in Hausa Tales and Traditions, volume 1, by Neil Skinner, 1969.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The chain in the original story was tangled (Dog chasing both Monkey and Cat, and nobody chasing Monkey), so I changed it so they all connected. 

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