The Lion's Share

Lion, Fox, and Hyena went hunting and caught a donkey, a deer, and a rabbit. 
"How shall we divide it?" asked Lion.
"You take the donkey," said Hyena, "I'll take the deer, and Fox takes the rabbit."
Lion then hit Hyena, splitting his skull open. Next he asked Fox, "How shall we divide it?"
"You eat the donkey for lunch," replied Fox, "the deer for dinner, and use the rabbit as a toothpick."
"Excellent!" exclaimed Lion. "How did you learn such wisdom?"
"From Hyena's broken skull," replied Fox.
So Lion ate all he wanted, and Fox ate what was left.

Inspired by: "The Stupidity of the Hyena" in Wisdom from the Nile by Ahmed Al-Shahi, Ahmed and F. C. T. Moore, 1978.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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