The Frogs and the Rats

The Frogs and Rats declared undying friendship and promised to feast each other every month.
The first month, the Rats organized the feast. "Come, Frogs!" they shouted, and the Frogs hopped out from the pond onto the land. There was plenty of food!
The next month, the Frogs had no food to offer the Rats, so they played a trick instead.
"Come, Rats!" they croaked from the pond.
"But we don't live in the water," protested the Rats.
"Don't worry," the Frogs replied. "Just come!"
So the Rats jumped into the water, and they drowned.
Be careful when making friends.

Inspired by: "Friendship between Rats and Frogs" in Ethiopian Folktales collected by Elizabeth Laird (website).
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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