God's Two Sons and the Dog

"Build villages on earth!" God said to his sons, Kashindika the elder and Luchyele the younger.
It was dark on earth: no Sun, no Moon.
The brothers killed an ox and ate. A dog begged them for food; Kashindika gave the dog nothing, but Luchyele fed him.
Then they went to God's storehouse, looking for Sun and Moon.
Kashindika looked everywhere, but he found nothing; he was angry. 
When Luchyele went looking, the dog showed him where to find Sun and Moon. Then Luchyele put Sun in the east and Moon in the west.
So light came into the world.

Inspired by: "Kashindika Wants a Sun and a Moon" in A dictionary of African mythology : the mythmaker as storyteller by Harold Scheub.
Notes: You can read the original story online. This is a Lala story from Zambia. In the story the dog is God's dog. There are also two meals, but I combined it to just one to make it shorter.

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