The Cat and Her Lizard

Cat had caught a lizard and was carrying it home when Hyena crossed her path. Snarling, Hyena snatched the lizard away from Cat and ran off with it.
But before Hyena could get home and eat the lizard, Lion crossed her path.
Roaring, Lion snatched the lizard away from Hyena, gobbled it up while Hyena watched, and then Lion ran away.
"You can't fight destiny," sighed Hyena. "If you come to possess something not allotted to you, then you will lose it. The fruits of oppression do not last long, and whatever you take might soon be taken from you."

Inspired by: "The Hyena, the Cat, and the Lion" in Hausa Tales and Traditions, volume 1, by Neil Skinner, 1969.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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