The Partridge and the Jackal

Partridge rolled in the leaves to add colors his feathers. He pecked at a rock to turn his beak red. He stared at the sky to make his eyes blue.
Donkey said, "You are so beautiful! You must ride on my back."
When Jackal saw Partridge riding Donkey, he asked, "How did you become so beautiful?"
Partridge explained, and Jackal did the same... but when he rolled in the leaves, his hair fell out. He broke his teeth on the rock. Staring at the sky he went blind.
Because he was blind, Jackal walked off a cliff, and he died.

Inspired by: "The Beauty of the Partridge" in African Genesis by Leo Frobenius; English translation published in 1966 by D. C. Fox. This is a Kabyle folktale from northern Africa.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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