The Thorns on the Fishing-Line

A man gathered thorns from a thornbush and attached them to a fishing line, concealing the thorns inside worms.
Then he walked to the riverside, threw the line into the water, and waited.
The thorns, lonely and far from home, cried out.
"What's wrong?" asked a fish, who thought it was the worms who were crying.
"We're lonely here," replied the thorns. "Let's be friends!"
Thinking the worms would be tasty, the fish replied, "Yes, let's be friends!" She swallowed a worm, the thorn stuck in her throat, and the fisherman hauled her in.
That's not how friends should behave.

Inspired by: "The Thorn and the Mud-fish" in Mongo proverbs and fables by E. A. Ruskin, 1921.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The story is told about an African mudfish.

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