157. The Turaco Who Didn't Listen

When it rains, Turaco always gets wet. He doesn't build a nest like the other birds.
"Let me stay in your nest!" he says whenever it rains.
"No!" the other birds tell him. "Build your own nest."
Then, when the rain stops, Turaco sits warming himself in the sun. "I don't need to build a nest," he thinks. "Not now."
The other birds remind him, "Build your nest!"
"I don't need a nest," Turaco replies.
Then, when it rains again, Turaco begs the other birds, "Let me stay in your nest!" and they say, "No!"
The foolish bird never learns.
[a Loki story from the Congo]

Inspired by: "Why the Plaintain-Eater Did not Build a Nest" in Among Congo Cannibals by John Weeks, 1913.
Notes: You can read the original story online. Since the plaintain-eater is a species of turaco, I have called it turaco here. The author notes: "The Plantain-eater is a gaudy-plumaged bird, not quite so large as a Cockatoo. It is called by the natives Lukulu koko. Its notes are, Kulu! kulu! kulukoko! hence the natives say, "It is always talking about itself." 

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