Rabbit, Wolf, and the Fish

Man came along in his wagon. He had a fish-basket in the wagon, and Rabbit wanted those fish. 
Rabbit lay played dead in the road. 
Man stopped, picked Rabbit up, and threw him back with the fish.
As Man drove along, Rabbit threw the fish off the cart. Then he jumped down and took the fish home.
"Where'd you get those fish?" asked Wolf.
Rabbit told him.
Next day, Wolf played dead in the road.
Man jumped down. "Rabbit fooled me," he shouted, "but you will not!" 
Then he killed Wolf and threw him in the back with the fish.

Inspired by: Folk Culture on St. Helena Island, South Carolina by Guy Johnson.
Notes: This is Story 9, "Playing Dead in the Road." In the story, Rabbit does the usual trick of lying dead in the road repeatedly, running to get ahead of the wagon, but I just had him do it once.

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