Hawk, Buzzard, and Rabbit

Hawk saw Buzzard sitting on the ground looking miserable.
"What's wrong?" Hawk asked.
"I'm about starved to death," Buzzard replied, "waiting on the Lord's salvation."
"You can expect the Lord to do for you!" said Hawk. You've got to feed yourself. Just watch me!"
Hawk soared into the sky and then swooped down to grab Rabbit, but Rabbit saw him and hopped inside a tree stump. Hawk smashed headfirst into that tree stump and killed himself dead.
From inside the stump, Rabbit shouted, "Come and get him, Buzzard! The Lord's salvation has arrived."
Then Rabbit and Buzzard enjoyed a feast.

Inspired by: Terrapin's Pot of Sense by Harold Courlander.
Notes: This is the story "Waiting on Salvation," p. 4. Not all versions of this story include Rabbit as a character, but this one does! This version also has buzzard not eating right away because he can't stand the thought of fresh meat.


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