Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit, and the Cows

Bear had many cows, but he stole Rabbit's only cow and ate it.
"Sorry to hear about your cow, Rabbit" said Bear.
"She probably went underground," Rabbit replied. 
Bear just laughed. "Maybe she did!"
That night Rabbit stole one of Bear's cows and ate it.
"Did you take her, Rabbit?" Bear shouted.
"Not me!" said Rabbit. "I bet she's underground. Let's look!"
Then Bear saw his cow's tail sticking up out of the ground. He grabbed and pulled. The tail came out of the ground.
"You pulled too hard!" said Rabbit. "She's gone now."
Bear never figured out what happened.

Inspired by: The Days when the Animals Talked by William J. Faulkner.
Notes: This is "How the Cow Went Under the Ground," and Faulker has a great introduction to this story about how Simon Brown told this story as an example of how "unless a slave knew how to outthink his master or oversser, he might not get enough to eat in the wintertime, or he might get a whiplashing on his naked back if he was caught stealing a piece of meat or something. Now, I was too smart to ever go hungry or to get a whipping. I was too much like Brer Rabbit."

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