Rabbit and Tiger Have a Shooting Contest

Tiger challenged Rabbit to a shooting contest.
"You don't know how to shoot!" buzzed Bee in Rabbit's ear. "But just do what I tell you!"
Rabbit waved the gun around, then pointed. "I'll shoot that flea off Horse's nose!"
"I don't see Horse!" protested Tiger.
"I do!" said Rabbit. "Ready... aim..." BANG.
Then they walked one mile. Bee flew ahead.
Another mile. There was Horse!
"Thank you kindly," Horse said to Rabbit. "You shot that pesky flea right off my nose. Much obliged!"
Rabbit won, and Tiger never guessed Bee told Rabbit what to do and Horse what to say.

Inspired by: Young Brer Rabbit and Other Trickster Tales from the Americas by Jaqueline Shachter Weiss.
Notes: This story is on p. 7: "Young Brer Rabbit." Weiss notes that the story comes from Venezuela.  

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