Rabbit and Tiger Go Flea-Hunting

Tiger went to Rabbit's hole. "Let's go hunting!" Tiger shouted, hoping to lure Rabbit out.
"Go hunting where?" Rabbit asked, suspicious.
"We can hunt fleas in Flea-Land!" said Tiger. "You're not afraid of fleas, are you?"
"Not afraid of fleas," said Rabbit. "I just don't have a gun."
"You can borrow mine," said Tiger, offering Rabbit his gun.
Rabbit reached out, grabbed the gun and pointed it at Tiger. "No need to go to Flea-Land," Rabbit said. "I see plenty of fleas right there in your fur. I'll shoot those!"
Tiger turned and ran.
Rabbit smiled, and kept the gun.

Inspired by: Young Brer Rabbit and Other Trickster Tales from the Americas by Jaqueline Shachter Weiss.
Notes: This story is on p. 7: "Young Brer Rabbit." Weiss notes that the story comes from Venezuela; this story is based on the second part of Weiss's story; the first part appears here as Rabbit and Tiger Have a Shooting Contest.

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