~ 125. Nasruddin and the Scholar ~

A famous scholar asked Nasruddin to help him move beyond mere book learning. "Please accept me as your student!" he said.
Nasruddin agreed. "For the first week," he said, "you must go to the marketplace each morning and evening, kiss the ground and then jump up, pulling on your ears and braying like a donkey."
The scholar agreed. Reluctantly.
He came back a week later. "I did what you told me," he said, "and everyone laughed. I felt like a fool, a complete and utter fool!"
"Excellent!" said Nasruddin. "That's a remarkable insight to have gained in just one week."

Inspired bySacred Laughter of the Sufis by Imam Jamal Rahman
Notes: This story is on p. 22 of the book.

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