34. Majnun's Eyes

Majnun was completely devoted to Layla, but Layla's parents were alarmed by Majnun's strange behavior, so they arranged for her to marry someone else.
Thus separated from his beloved Layla, Majnun fell into despair. His behavior grew more and more bizarre. 
Majnun's family tried to help, but they could find no cure for his lovesickness.
"Layla is not even all that beautiful!" his friends and relatives told him. "We can find someone for you who is even more beautiful than Layla."
"You understand nothing," Majnun replied. "To see the beauty of Layla, you must see with the eyes of Majnun."

Inspired byBig Tales by Hazrat Inayat Khan, compiled and edited by Mansur Johnson. the Hazrat Inayat Khan Study Database.
Notes: This is a story in Part 1 of the book: Majnun and Leila. You can find out more about the love story of Layla and Majnun at Wikipedia.

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