~ 136. Nasruddin and the Frogs ~

Nasruddin's friend saw him throwing money into a pool.
"Nasruddin! What on earth are you doing?" he asked.
Nasruddin smiled. "I'm paying the frogs."
"I don't understand," said his friend.
"Well, I was riding along and my donkey slipped. We were sliding right into the pool! But then the frogs started croaking, and they croaked so loudly that it scared the donkey, so he leaped back up onto solid ground, and we didn't end up in the water. Don't you think the frogs deserve a reward for saving us like that?"
Nasruddin smiled, and kept throwing money into the pool.

Inspired byThe Sufis by Idries Shah, free to read online at the Idries Shah Foundation.
Notes: This is in the chapter about Nasruddin.

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