38. Majnun's Feet

Majnun had made a long journey to the city where his beloved Layla lived with her husband. He knew that this was her city, but he did not know where exactly she lived.
North? South? East? West?
Layla could be anywhere.
"It would be rude for me to sleep with my feet stretched in her direction," Majnun thought to himself.
He tried to sleep standing up, but he was afraid he might fall down in his sleep.
"I need to tie my feet with a rope and suspend myself from a beam," Majnun decided, and so he did.

Inspired byBig Tales by Hazrat Inayat Khan, compiled and edited by Mansur Johnson. the Hazrat Inayat Khan Study Database.
Notes: This is a story in Part 1 of the book: Majnun and Leila. You can find out more about the love story of Layla and Majnun at Wikipedia.

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