11. God Questions Moses

"Moses!" God called. "Moses! Why didn't you visit me when I was sick?"
"I don't understand," Moses replied. "You are All-Powerful and All-Perfect! How could you be sick?"
But God didn't answer Moses's question. Instead, God said, "When I was sick, why didn't you ask after me?"
"God, I still don't understand," replied Moses. "How could you be sick?"
"When my servant is sick, then I am sick," God replied. "Why didn't you visit me when I was sick?"
Moses wept and said, "O God, now I understand. I will ask after your servants and visit them in their sickness."

Inspired by: The English prose version of Rumi in Tales from the Masnavi by A. J. Arberry.
Notes: This is story 45 in the book.

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