Rabia Breaks her Fast

Rabia was ready to break a long fast with milk, but a cat knocked over the milk.
Rabis then reached for a water-jug, but her hands shook and she dropped the jug.
"Is this my reward, God?" she cried.
God answered, "You can have all the world's gifts if you want, or what I give you."
Without hesitation Rabia answered, "Give me your gifts, O God!"
Then a fruit-tree sprang up inside the house. "This is the tree in Paradise with the fruit of your prayers. Eat!"
Rabia ate the fruit, and she knew that God was always with her.

Inspired bySufi Stories from Around the World by Debjani Chatterjee
Notes: This is story 18 in the book. You can read more about Rabia of Basra at Wikipedia.

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