~ 131. Nasruddin and the Shrine ~

Nasruddin was traveling to a distant country. 
Along the way, his donkey died of exhaustion, and Nasruddin buried him by the roadside.
As Nasruddin knelt there, weeping, a man saw him and began to weep also.
"Why are you weeping?" Nasruddin asked.
"Like you, I weep tears for the holy saint who's buried here," the man replied.
"There's no saint here," Nasruddin explained. "Just my donkey."
But the man continued to weep.
Then he went and told others.
In time, pilgrims came from all over to visit the shrine of the saint.
Nasruddin, meanwhile, departed, continuing his journey on foot.

Inspired byThe Little Book of Sufi Parables by Nico Neruda
Notes: This is story 64 in the book.

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