~ 110. Abu Said's Horse ~

Bandits attacked Abu Said and his disciples on the road, and they stole Abu Said's horse.
When the bandit chief found out who the horse belonged to, he brought the horse back and apologized. "You are a good man, Abu Said," he said. "My men acted in ignorance; they did not know you."
But Abu Said told him to keep his horse. "It is good to let go, and when we let go of something, we do not seize it again."
These words enlightened the bandit chief, and he quit his life of crime and became a man of peace.

Inspired byUnder the Sufi's Cloak: Stories of Abu Said and His Mystical Teaching by Mohammad Ali Jamnia and Mojdeh Bayat
Notes: This story is on p. 58 of the book. The original story emphasizes that the bandits were Turkmens; find out more at Wikipedia.

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