~ 82. An Unexpected Visit from Nasruddin ~

Nasruddin decided to pay his friend an unexpected visit.
From the upstairs window, the man could see Nasruddin coming. "It's Nasruddin!" he shouted to his wife. "Tell him I'm not home."
When Nasruddin knocked at the door, the man's wife answered. "My husband has gone out," she said apologetically. "He's not here right now."
Nasruddin looked up and saw the man in the upstairs window.
"Please tell him that I called," Nasruddin said. "And you might also let him know that when he goes out, he should take his head with him instead of hanging it there in the window."

Inspired byThe Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca by Kemal Yorenc
Notes: This story is on p. 24 of the book.

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