Garuda and the Snake-Man

Fleeing the eagle-god Garuda, a snake disguised itself as a man and sought refuge with a prostitute.
"I charge a hundred elephants daily!" she declared, and the snake-man used magic to pay her.
The woman was intrigued. "Who are you?" she asked.
The snake-man told her everything, but swore her to secrecy.
Garuda then disguised himself as a man and came to her house.
"I already have a customer," said the woman. "He paid a hundred elephants!" she boasted. Then she added impulsively, "Don't tell anyone, but he's a snake!"
Garuda then found the snake-man, killed him, and ate him.

Inspired byThe Ocean of Story by Somadeva, translated by C.H. Tawney: Volume 5.
Notes: This is Story 99. In the story, the woman tells her bawd, and the bawd tells Garuda, but I left the bawd out. For more on Garuda and his enmity with the snakes, see Wikipedia.

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