~ 118. The Poor Man in the Coffeehouse ~

Nasruddin saw a stranger in the coffeehouse who looked very sad.
"Is something the matter?" Nasruddin asked him.
"I used to be rich!" said the man. "I lived in a mansion, and I had many servants. But I've lost it all: money, mansion, servants, everything. I can barely pay for this coffee. Soon I'll be begging on the streets. I'm sick with worry."
"Oh, you won't have to feel like this for long," Nasruddin assured him.
The man looked at Nasruddin eagerly. "Do you mean I'll get rich again?"
"No," said Nasruddin. "I mean you'll get used to being poor."

Inspired byThe Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca by Kemal Yorenc
Notes: This story is on p. 42 of the book.

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