124. The Monk in the Dream

A poor merchant saw a vision of a monk in a dream.
"I am money earned by your ancestors," said the monk. "You'll see me tomorrow. Kill me and take the money."
The next day, a monk came to the merchant as foretold. The merchant clubbed him to death, and the monk turned into a heap of gold coins.
The merchant's greedy neighbor happened to see this. He went to the nearby monastery and attacked the monks with a club.
Some died, some were wounded; none turned into gold coins.
The police arrested the neighbor for murder and hanged him.

Inspired byThe Panchatantra, translated by Arthur Ryder.
Notes: It is in Book 5, Story 1. In the original story, the witness is a barber who happened to be at the merchant's house, but I made it just a neighbor instead.

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