101. The Elephant-Driver

A guru and his disciples lived in the forest.
One day, a mad elephant came rampaging through the trees.
"Get out of the way!" yelled the elephant-driver.
All the disciples fled to safety, but one disciple didn't move.
The elephant grabbed him and hurled him against a tree; the disciple barely survived.
"Why didn't you run?" the guru asked his disciple later.
"You taught us that all things are God," he said. "Why run from God?"
"Yes, the elephant is God, but the elephant-driver is God also!" explained the guru. "You should have listened to God in his elephant-driver form."

Inspired byTales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna
Notes: This is story 195 in the book. You can find out more about the mahouts, or elephant-drivers, at Wikipedia.

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