Tenalirama the Optimist

Tenalirama's neighbor sent his son to boarding school.
"My heart breaks seeing him go!" his neighbor sighed.
"That's good," Tenalirama said.
The neighbor thought Tenalirama was being cold-hearted, but he kept that thought to himself.
The boy finally came home, but broke his leg falling off his horse.
"My poor boy!" sobbed the neighbor.
"That's good," Tenalirama repeated.
This time the neighbor spoke out. "Those are cruel words!" he said.
Tenalirama did not reply.
The next day soldiers came to dragoon recruits for the army; they did not take the boy with the broken leg.
"That's good," Tenalirama repeated, smiling.

Inspired byFix Your Problems the Tenali Raman Way by Vishal Goyal
Notes: This story is on p. 219 of the book. Compare the story in the Koran when Moses learns that God's purposes are not always clear: Moses Meets with Khidr.

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