~ 38. Nasruddin and the Eagle ~

Nasruddin was chopping wood one day, working up quite a sweat. Finally he got so hot that he took off his turban and hung it carefully on a tree branch.
Then, without warning, an enormous eagle came swooping down from the sky and snatched Nasruddin's turban.
"Hey, that bird took my turban!" Nasruddin shouted as the eagle soared away up into the sky.
Then he sighed. "Well, I wish he hadn't taken my turban, but I suppose it's all for the best. If I hadn't taken off my turban just in time, the eagle would have carried me away too!"

Inspired byThe World of Nasrudin by Idries Shah, free to read online at the Idries Shah Foundation.
Notes: This is story #206 in the book. There is a similar story about Nasruddin's shirt being carried away by the wind; he rejoices because the wind might have carried him away too if he had been wearing the shirt. Compare also the story of Nasruddin's lost donkey: Rejoicing over a Lost Donkey.

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