~ 44. Nasruddin the Proud Father ~

Nasruddin was running through the town square.
A friend noticed him and said, "Nasruddin! Wait a moment and talk! I haven't seen you in such a long time."
"I really don't have time to stop and talk," Nasruddin explained. "I went out to do the shopping, and now I need to hurry home."
"Why the rush?"
"My wife just had a baby!" Nasruddin said proudly.
"What wonderful news!" replied his friend. "I'm very glad for you. And is it a boy or a girl?"
Nasruddin stared at him in amazement. "Yes, it is!" he answered. "But how did you know?"

Inspired byClassic Tales of Mulla Nasreddin retold by Houman Farzad, and translated by Diane Wilcox
Notes: This story is on p. 4 of the book.

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