~ 153. Nasruddin's Hurried Prayers ~

Nasruddin was in a hurry when he went into the mosque to say his prayers.
When the imam saw how quickly Nasruddin was praying, he hit Nasruddin on the head. "Say your prayers again!" he commanded. "And show some respect this time."
Nasruddin said his prayers again, more slowly.
"That was better!" said the imam. "I'm sure God was more pleased with your prayers the second time than the first time."
"I'm not so sure," said Nasruddin. "The first time I said my prayers in obedience to God, but the second time I said my prayers in obedience to you."

Inspired byThe World of Nasrudin by Idries Shah, free to read online at the Idries Shah Foundation.
Notes: This is story #211 in the book.

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