~ 87. Nasruddin and the Tall Tree ~

The village boys wanted to trick Nasruddin and steal his new shoes.
"Look at this tall tree!" they shouted. "We're too small to climb it, but maybe you can."
Nasruddin looked at the tree, smiled and said, "That would be fun. I'll try!"
So, Nasruddin took off his new shoes. Next, he tucked the shoes inside his belt. Then he began climbing.
"Wait!" shouted the boys. "Why are you taking your shoes with you?"
"This tree is so tall that it might lead all the way to heaven," Nasruddin replied, "and I'll need my shoes to walk around up there."

Inspired by The Wit and Wisdom of Nasraddin Hodja by Nejat Muallimoglu
Notes: This story is on p. 116 of the book. In other versions, Nasruddin simply warns the boys about the thieves, but I like the versions which have him talk about walking around up there in heaven.

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