~ 128. God Created the Camel ~

Nasruddin was proclaiming the glory of God's creation. "Everything is created in the best of all possible ways, guided by the infinite wisdom of our Creator."
The people stared at him expectantly, eager to hear more.
"Consider the camel!" Nasruddin continued. "Just imagine if God had created camels with wings. The sky would be dark with flying camels, and they would land on the rooftops and break all the roof-tiles, and they would also poop in the chimneys." He then paused for dramatic effect. "So, let us praise the Creator for his great wisdom in not creating camels with wings!"

Inspired byMulla's Donkey and Other Friends by Mehdi Nakosteen, p. 74.
Notes: The story also appears in The Sufis by Idries Shah, where Nasruddin is discussing camels with his wife.

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