~ 91. Bayazid's Pilgrimage ~

Bayazid was making the pilgrimage to Mecca. He met a dervish beside the road.
"Where are you headed?" the dervish asked.
"I am on my way to Mecca," said Bayazid.
"Is it a business trip?"
Bayazid was surprised. "No, I'm making the hajj. I will walk around the holy Kaaba, the house of God."
The dervish smiled. "You can walk around me instead."
Bayazid realized in his heart this was true. He walked around the dervish.
Later, when people asked Bayazid if he made the pilgrimage and walked around the Kaaba, he said, "I have walked around a living Kaaba."

Inspired byBig Tales by Hazrat Inayat Khan, compiled and edited by Mansur Johnson. the Hazrat Inayat Khan Study Database.
Notes: This is a story in Part 1 of the book: Bayazid You can find out more about Bayazid, and also about the Ka'ba, at Wikipedia. Rumi also tells this story; Rumi's version here.

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