A Recipe for Halvah

"Halvah is my favorite food," said Nasruddin. "But I rarely get to eat it."
"You should make some at home," said his friend. "You just need flour, butter, and sugar."
"I never have all the ingredients at once! If I've got butter and flour, there's no sugar. Or maybe I have sugar and butter but no flour. Or I've got flour and sugar, but no butter."
"But surely at some time you had flour and sugar and butter in the house!"
"Perhaps." Nasruddin sighed. "But in that case, I must have been the missing ingredient who was not at home."

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja: The Turk Who Makes the World Laugh by Mehmet Ali Birant
Notes: This story is on p. 20 of the book. There are different kinds of halvah; the kind Nasruddin is talking about is Turkish Flour Halvah. The other kind of halvah is made with tahini: Tahini Halvah.

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