~ 109. Nasruddin's House with Many Windows ~

Nasruddin had built a new house, and there were many windows, big and small, in every wall.
"I've never seen a house with so many windows!" said Nasruddin's neighbor.
"That's my own design," Nasruddin explained. "This new house has twenty windows! My old house had just one."
"Why so many?" asked the neighbor.
"To stay warm in winter!" replied Nasruddin. "My old house became much warmer when I closed my window in the winter. Now when winter comes, I have twenty windows to close, so the house will be twenty times warmer. I won't even need to light a fire!"

Inspired byMulla's Donkey and Other Friends by Mehdi Nakosteen
Notes: This story is on p. 107 of the book.

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