~ 190. Watching a Funeral Procession ~

Nasruddin and his young son were walking through the town when they saw a funeral procession coming down the street. The boy had never seen a funeral procession before.
"What is that?" he asked.
"That is a funeral procession," Nasruddin explained. "There is a dead person in the casket."
"And where are they taking the casket?" asked the boy.
"They are taking it to a place of darkness without food or drink, without silver or gold, without comfort, without hope..." replied Nasruddin mournfully.
"I don't understand," said the little boy. "Do you mean they are taking him to our house?"

Inspired byMulla's Donkey and Other Friends by Mehdi Nakosteen
Notes: This story is on p. 43 of the book. Rumi tells this as a Goha / Juha story; see Tales from the Masnavi by A. J. Arberry, story 57.

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