21. The Sufi Who Went to Heaven

A Sufi dreamed he ascended to heaven.
"Rejoice!" the angels said. "Today is God's birthday!"
Then the Sufi saw a holiday parade. Muhammad rode a white stallion, surrounded by angels and flocks of followers. Then came Krishna on a peacock, also with angels and followers. Next was Jesus. Buddha. Mahavira. So many holy leaders.
Finally there came an old man riding a donkey, all alone.
"Who are you?" the Sufi asked.
"I'm God," he said, "and I'm alone here because my followers follow others."
When he awoke, the Sufi decided to worship God only; he no longer followed any religion.

Inspired byThe Little Book of Sufi Parables by Nico Neruda
Notes: This is story 8 in the book. Mohammad and Jesus are both prophets in the Islamic tradition. Krishna, Buddha and Mahavira are holy men of different Indian traditions.

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