The Story of the Wolf-Bride

For the #RamadanReadathon at Twitter, I want to highlight some story collections that people might enjoy reading, featuring free full-text books online; here are all the books I've featured so far, including a 100-word story for each one too.

So, today's book is Persian Tales translated by D.L.R. Lorimer and E.O. Lorimer. See details below, and here is a story from that collection:

The Story of the Wolf-Bride

"A wolf will tear this baby to pieces," said the fortune-teller, so the boy's parents kept him hidden in an underground chamber.
When the time came for him to marry, his parents found him a bride. They celebrated the wedding, and then they led the bride underground.
After they closed the door, the bride became a wolf and devoured the boy.
She then turned back into a woman, and the parents found her there in the morning.
"I became a wolf," she said. "I don't know why."
The mother wept, and the father said, "What fate wills, we cannot escape."

You can find a longer version of that story, and many other stories besides, in the online book, which is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Books, and Google Books.

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