~ 131. Nasruddin's Views on Cheese ~

"Bring me some cheese," Nasruddin said to his wife. "Cheese is healthy, and it's tasty too. They say it's good for your bones. I like cheese very much."
"I don't think we have any cheese," Nasruddin's wife replied apologetically.
"Just as well I suppose," said Nasruddin. "They say cheese is hard on the stomach and it always gives me gas. I really don't like cheese at all."
"I don't understand," said Nasruddin's wife, now very confused. "Do you like cheese, or do you not like it?"
"That depends on whether there's any cheese in the house or not," replied Nasruddin.

Inspired byMulla's Donkey and Other Friends by Mehdi Nakosteen
Notes: This story is on p. 37 of the book. The moral of this story resembles the famous Aesop's fable of The Fox and the Grapes.

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