~ 97. Junaid's New Neighbor ~

When Junaid went to greet his new neighbor, the old man snarled and slammed the door in his face.
After enduring the man's rude behavior for several weeks, Junaid despaired. "Oh God," he prayed, "please take this man's life."
That night, God came to Junaid in a dream. "This man has been your neighbor only a few weeks, but he has been my neighbor for sixty years. If I can abide with him, you can too."
When he awoke, Junaid remembered God's words. "I shall let the man be as he is," Junaid decided. "For who am I after all?"

Inspired byThe Little Book of Sufi Parables by Nico Neruda
Notes: This is story 15 in the book. You can read more about the Sufi Junaid at Wikipedia.

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